Ecological investigations
and surveys
assessment in Natura 2000 sites
Guidance and training on impact assessment in Natura 2000 sites

Management plans for protected areas and traditional landscapes

Monitoring programmes
and surveys
ongoing research
of endangered species
Landscape and plant photography
  Protection of endangered species
Team members of the KIfL are active field botanists. We have contributed to the following publications

Charophytes of the Baltic Sea
Schubert & Blindow (eds) ISBN 3-906166-06-6 distributed by Koeltz Scientific Books
• containing a first description of the new stonewort species 
Lamprothamium sonderii by A. Garniel (KIfL)

Conservation of endangered freshwater macrophytes 
in streams und ditches

This study was carried out on behalf of the Agency for Nature Conservation of Schleswig-Holstein. It provides an up-to-date inventory of endangered macrophytes, a description of the vegetation in different types of water courses and strategies for conservation (in German).
Teil A: Flora pdf: ~ 1,8 MB • Teil B: Streams pdf: ~ 8,0 MB • Teil C: Ditches pdf: ~ 4,7 MB