Ecological investigations
and surveys
assessment in Natura 2000 sites
Guidance and training on impact assessment in Natura 2000 sites

Management plans for protected areas and traditional landscapes

Monitoring programmes
and surveys
of endangered species
and plant photography
  Photoarchive of landscapes and plants
Our steadily growing archive now numbers about 80,000 slides from Europe, Africa, India, the Middle and Far East.
We can help with photographs of plants, biotas and landscapes for scient
ific publications. 
All photographs can be scanned individually at the specific resolution required. 
Dimorphotheca pluvialis
(Southern Africa)
  Sanguisorba stipulata 
(= S. canadensis)
(Japan, Hokkaido)
  Hydrothermal mounts
with succulents 
(Hamman Damt, 
Northern Yemen)

Rafflesia patma 
(Pandangaran, Indonesia)
  Azorella compacta 
(Parinacota, Chile)
  Meadows with Primula and mixed forests of Magnolia and Rhodo- dendron species in Central Bhutan
  For botanical trips through the 
Bhutanese Himalayans 
please contact our partner
Changshe Norbu Tours & Treks
Thimphu, Bhutan 
Socotra (Jemen): The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean
The Socotra Islands have been seperated from Africa and Arabia for at least 20 million years and belong to the world`s biodiversity hot spots. The whole archipelago was accepted in 2003 into UNESCO`s World List of Man and Biosphere Reserves and has been proposed for Word Heritage listing.
One third of the about 900 presently described plant species are endemitic to the Islands.

Desert Rose
Adenium obesum
ssp. socotranum

Montane cloud forest with
Franinsence Trees
(verschiedene Boswellia-Arten)


Dry slope with
Desert Rose and Cucumber Trees
(Dendrosicyos socotrana)

Socotran Dragon Tree
(Dracena cinnabari)


Oldenlandia pulvinata

Actiniopteris semiflabellata