Ecological investigations
and surveys
assessment in Natura 2000 sites
Guidance and training on impact assessment in Natura 2000 sites

Management plans for protected areas and traditional landscapes

Monitoring programmes
and surveys
ongoing research
of endangered species
Landscape and plant photography
  Monitoring programmes and surveys
Monitoring is a powerful tool to assess and improve the management of protected areas. 
Since 1989 we have carried out and designed several long term monitoring surveys. 


Monitoring in Natura 2000 sites: 
Assessment and evaluation schemes 
for Habitats of Annex I and Species
of Annex II in Hamburg

Water Framework Directive:
Common implementation of the monitoring provisions of the Habitats and Water Framework Directives 
Summary pdf : ~ 478 KB 


Efficiency of the management of protected areas
Monitoring in protected areas in Hamburg 
Some results of the first 5 years 
pdf: ~ 1,1 MB

Soil and vegetation monitoring as a part of the soil protection programme in Germany
Results of the first 10 years
pdf: : ~ 285 KB

  Selected references