Ecological investigations
and surveys
assessment in Natura 2000 sites
Guidance and training on impact assessment in Natura 2000 sites

Management plans for protected areas and traditional landscapes

Monitoring programmes
and surveys
ongoing research
of endangered species
Landscape and plant photography
Management plans for protected areas and traditional landscapes
In our more or less man-made countryside, the conservation of biodiversiy an of endangerd
species depends to large amount on management. Since budgets tend to be short, an efficient
and sensible planning is needed more than ever.
We can help with our experience in the fields of - among others - managing Natura 2000 sites
and traditional rural landscapes.
Moreover, raising biodiversity is also an issue in "workaday" landscapes lacking special remarkable features.

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Wood-Pasture landscapes: Management by grazing
Barger Heide 
Management plans for meadows 
with primroses
at the Lanker Lake

Yellow-rattle experiment
River and estuarine landscapes
Restoration of
mud flats at the
Lower Elbe 
Restoration of the
Stellmoor Brook
Garden landscapes
Restoration of the Neuwerk Garden in Schleswig Gottorf and conservation of the historical flora

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