Ecological investigations
and surveys
assessment in Natura 2000 sites
Guidance and training on impact assessment in Natura 2000 sites

Management plans for protected areas and traditional landscapes

Monitoring programmes
and surveys
ongoing research
of endangered species
Landscape and plant photography
  Impact assessment in Natura 2000 sites
Since 1996 we have carried out numerous impact assessment studies according to Article 6(3) of the “Habitats” Directive in pSCIs and SPAs. As one of the first practitioners in our country who had to handle Article 6 we are experienced in assessing the impact of human activities as well as in developing mitigating and compensatory measures. 
As consultants we provide scientific und legal support to practitioners and governmental authorities for the implementation of the “Birds” and “Habitats” Directives. 
 Our services include 
  • Carrying out impacts assessment studies 
  • Planning alternative solutions and compensatory measures
  • Reviewing impact assessment reports for authorities
  • Coordinating “Habitats”-specific issues in extensive projects
  • Tailor-made guidance and training for practitioners and authorities on specific issues of Natura 2000

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