Our objectives
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  Our objectives
Our main goal is to find a cost-effective and practical way to meet your needs. To us, consultancy means working together with you to develop individual best practice solutions. 
One of our objectives is to adapt new scientific developments to the needs of practitioners. We believe that scientific findings can be translated in a transparent and clearly understandable manner. Since there can be no transfer without learning, we are working hard at keeping ourselves up to date and confirming our reputation for quality and expertise.
This is our contribution to the Clearing House Mechanism established by the Convention on
Biological Diversity.
By co-operating in interdisciplinary staffs we have developed fruitful exchanges with other firms, institutions and freelance scientists from Germany and foreign countries. As active members of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) we are in touch with scientists from most of the EU Member States, some EU-Accession Countries and from many other regions of the world. 
Reducing impacts on the environment is at the heart of everything we do. Not only does this involve assessing the impacts of your projects but also reducing our own impacts. Our office is located at a place which most of the team members can reach by bike or public transport.To meet you, our first choice will be bus or rail.
Gender main streaming and compatibility of work and family life are issues which we take very seriously.

Our contribution to biodiversity. 

Until now, we have recorded about 350 native plants species in our experimental garden.
(still counting the fauna species…)